Jitensha means bicycle in Japanese. It’s deeply anchored in the Tokyo culture and lifestyle. All kinds of people, riding all kinds of bicycles.  A brilliant way to experience and live Tokyo.

Jitensha has always been part of our lifestyles as well. Whilst living in Tokyo, the vision of sharing our love and dreams emerged.

The belief bicycles are and will increasingly be a great urban commute solution. The will to share our love of bicycles, design, fashion, Tokyo, Paris… and our dreams for a more sustainable environment, through smaller, responsible businesses.

That’s the spirit and energy in Jitensha!

Jitensha is founded by 3 friends. Nicolas, the ‘explorer’ and business lead, a Parisian-global connector. He’s lived and worked in many cities worldwide, managing international consumer brands. François, the ‘creative mind’, a real Parisian, travels the world for inspiration presenting innovative visions and designs for major brands. Cedric the ‘organizer’ is based in Geneva and takes care of operations and logistics. He has worked for many years in film production. We are now committed to the Jitensha adventure and to creating something meaningful, beautiful and fun.


Chaque JITENSHA est assemblé à la demande puis testé dans notre atelier.


JITENSHA arrive 90% assemblé. 4 outils standard, 6 étapes simples et 10 minutes pour frapper la route. Plus sur l'assemblage


Chaque nouveau vélo est garantie 2 ans contre les defauts materiels. Nos vélos sont certifiés ISO 4210, le meilleur standard de qualité et de sécurite. Plus sur la qualité


7/7 service personnalisé et assistance à la clientèle
FR: + 33 6 79 60 34 88/CH: + 41 78 636 5455
ou par courriel à service@jitensha.fr.


Visa, MasterCard, American Express et PayPal acceptés. Paiement certifié PCI niveau 1. En savoir plus sur le paiement


Livraison en moins de 14 jours.
Expedition express offerte en France et en Suisse (assurance incluse pour E-JITENSHA).
30€ ou 50€ pour l'Europe (selon destination, sauf Iles). 20€ supplémentaires pour E-JITENSHA (assurance transport). Plus sur la livraison