1. Payment

Payment methods:
We accept Visa, Masteracard, American Express and PayPal.

Depending on your delivery location, we will automatically adjust the currency between Euro (European countries) and Swiss Francs (Switzerland only).

2. Shipping, taxes/duties

What carrier do you use?
We use a variety of well known transporters for all our shipments to ensure secure and timely delivery to your door. All orders and shipments will have a tracking number to follow in real time the shipment progress.

Where do you ship?
We ship worldwide (except E-bikes only in Europe).  If your country is not in then list, please contact us at for any specific request, we find the solution.

What are the shipping rates?
Our shipping rates are 30€ to 130€ depending on countries. 
France and Switzerland: Free (Accessories: 10€ or 10CHF)

For E-bike:
– France and Switzerland: Free (included shipping insurance)
– All other countries: 20€ will be added to above rates for transport insurance.

How long does it take ?
Your JITENSHA is assembled upon receipt of your order on the site. We guarantee to deliver your bike in less than 2 weeks (3 weeks for an E-JITENSHA).

Can I track my shipment?
Yes, all our shipments are trackable. As soon as your bicycle has been built, you will get a notification email with your tracking number.

Do you have express shipping?
Please contact if you need 24/48h shipping.

Taxes and Duties:
In EU and Switzerland, all VAT taxes and duties are included in the price.

In all other countries, you may be subject your local taxes, customs and fees. Additional charges for customs clearance must be born by the buyer / you. Unfortunately, we have no way to predict them.

What happens if my bicycle is damaged upon delivery?
All our shipment are insured and if we are able to prove the damage occurred during shipment, we will replace your product. We will handle the paperwork and send out replacement. VERY IMPORTANT: Please send us photos of the damaged package and goods. It is your/the buyers responsibility to express reserves to the carrier in this case. We will not be able to replace your product if we cannot prove with carrier that package arrived damaged.

Please do not assemble it.

  • Save all packaging.
  • Email us photos all damaged items and packaging.
  • We will organise the pickup of the damaged package.
  • We will have a replacement Jitensha to you in the 5-7 days after reception of your damaged bike (depending on availability in stock). If we cannot create the exact same Jitensha, we will contact you immediately.
3. Warranty and Returns

Our aim is to provide you with the highest service and quality standards, so if you encounter any problems, please get in touch with us

Jitensha guarantees each new bicycle made for you against any material and manufacturing defects for 2 years.
Your warranty will be processed only if you have a valid receipt of your purchase. The warranty only applies to original owner and is not transferable.
This warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of defective parts, or defective frame and is the sole remedy of the warranty.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, and damage caused by improper use, accidents, handling or improper assembly and follow up maintenance or installation of accessories and parts.

  • Please email us at and let us know the issue.
  • We will reply with the instruction on how to return your product.
  • Once we receive the returned product we will send you a receipt notice.
  • We will evaluate the warranty validity and handle your request rapidly for you to be able to ride your Jitensha quickly again.


At Jitensha, we want you to be fully satisfied. Jitensha complete bicycles are made to order based on your specifications. We will not be able to sell these creations again, so the return policy does not apply on the custom made Jitenshas unless we have made a mistake in the creation of your order and if there is a defect on the product. In this case, we will pay for the return shipment. All other products and accessories have a 14 day retrun policy.

If there are any problems or things you are not happy about please let us know by mail at, and we will work things out.


Bicycles: Your Jitensha was made for you, so we are unable to accommodate exchanges for complete bicycles.

4. Assembly

How long will it take to build my JITENSHA?
Your JITENSHA bicycle will start being assembled as soon as we receive your order and we will ship it to you within 5 working days. This does not include transport/transit time to your door. If we face any obstacle in meeting this time line, we will contact you by email immediately.

Do I need to assemble my JITENSHA?
Your JITENSHA is made to order in our workshop. After testing, the handlebar, front wheel and pedals are dis-assembled for shipping. It will take you 10 minutes to easily re-assemble them. You will find an assembly instructions in your parcel.

Link to the instruction

5. Product information

What type of material are Jitensha’s made of?

Jitensha bicycle frames and forks are made of high quality alloyed steel called “Double Butted Chromoly Steel”. Its better known as “Cr-Mo 4130”. Double butted means the tube thickness varies: Thicker at the main frame joints to increase strength and thinner on other sections to decrease weight where possible. The result is a great balance of light weight and durability.

All other parts are made of Aluminium Alloy 6061 (i.e Crankset, handle bars, seat tubes, …), Aluminium (wheel rims, pedals, …) and Microfiber (i.e saddles and bar tapes…).


Why don’t you make Carbon or Aluminium frames?

To make our bike versatile and light weight for daily urban use, we are convinced the Cr-Mo 4130 specs are ideal. Carbon and Aluminium would be lighter, but a lot more fragile.

What is a single speed?

A single speed is a classic bike with only one speed, 2 breaks and a freewheel in the back. Our crank/sprocket ratio, 48T x 18T makes it a very versatile bike: you can go real fast, re-start easily when stopping at a light and go up-hill as well by pressing a bit harder on your legs.


Why did Jitensha decide to create only single speed bikes?
We now offer 2-speed bikes as well as e-bikes. Discover here.

We know you wonder and are a bit anxious about this… Actually, why do you think people who ride the most in cities (messengers) use fixie or single speed bikes?

At Jitensha, we’ve discovered single speed recently and we simply love the riding experience. The freedom and ease of use of a single speed. It’s a totally different experience and once you have tried, its hard to go back to another bicycle.

They are awesome to ride, they are fast, they require no maintenance, and they are all about you, your legs, the city and your bike. Give it a try and you won’t regret.

  • Ergonomic design and light weight (<10kg – a Velib weights 22kg) => speed and control,
  • One speed => no maintenance, no skipping gears, no weird noises | 100% pleasure!
  • You have 100% control on your ride!

Just focus on enjoying your ride without any technical hassle!


What is the difference between a single speed and a fixie?

The key differences is you have a freewheel (in the back) and 2 breaks, so its like any other bike you have ridden before. You’ll be comfortable and feel good from the moment you get on it.


Can I ride a single speed bike in a “hilly” city?

Of course, you can! We ride in Tokyo, Paris, New York, Geneva… ! Our crank/sprocket ratio, 48T x 18T makes it a very versatile bike. You’ll learn quickly how to optimize your routes and arrive at good speed at the bottom of a hill.

Is it hard to get used and to ride a Jitensha?

You’ll feel well from the moment you jump on it! And the more you ride it, the more you’ll love it. It’ll then be hard to go back to a bike with speeds.



The size of your frame is important to ensure a great riding experience. Yet, we understand most of us don’t know much about bicycle sizing. Please use the below chart to choose the right size. You will also find this on the shop pages when you order your Jitensha.

Many adjustments can be made to ensure the perfect fit once you receive your bicycle: stem height, saddle height and position / distance to handle bar… We are always at your to help advise if you wish.

More information here.



Do you have “flip flop” hubs?
No, our bicycles are only assembled with a free wheel single speed sprocket. However, our rear hub enables to replace the freewheel by a fixed sprocket.

From July 2018 onwards our wheels will be flip flop. Our wheels will be assembled in single speed by default. Id you like a fixie set-up please inform as when you order (notes sections of your order)


Do you build women’s bicycles?
Jitensha bicycles are suited for anyone 1,62m and taller. And if you are thinking of bicycles without a straight top tube, then you may want to leave us your email so we inform you when our new styles arrive.


How much do your bikes cost?
Our pricing is simple and aims to be affordable. 5 price points for all custom designed Jitensha’s : 690€ (black, pearl white), 740€ (concrete, whisky), 790€ for Chrome and 890€ for the upcoming Copper.

Our pricing is simple and aims to be affordable. For all custom designed JITENSHA’s : 690€ (black, pearl white), 740€ (concrete, whisky), 790€ for Chrome and 890€ for Copper.
2-speeds: add 130€ to the above price and E-bike: add 1380€.


Do you sell spare parts?
Yes, we do. Please contact us by email at for the moment  if you need any of our spare parts. A section will be added shortly with all spare parts, some inspiring Japanese products and more bicycle accessories.


Where are Jitenshas made?

All Jitensha bicycles are hand-assembled and tested in our Geneva workshop in Switzerland.


Jitensha’s curated set of components is sourced from the best suppliers/brands in the industry in Japan, Taiwan and France. It’s proprietary frame design is fabricated in a family owned facility in Taiwan, the world leader in high quality bicycles.


Jitensha parts have been carefully chosen to offer you the ideal mix of quality, design to make your riding experience a great one at the right price.


6. Distribution and Showrooms
Jitensha is sold mainly online to avoid intermediaries and increased prices.

We are small online bicycle brand without a shop. If you would like to test drive a Jitensha, you are welcome to come by our offices in Geneva and Paris. Please contact us at if you’d like to visit.

We have also currated a small number of retail partners in France and Switzerland:
– Heureux les Curieux Paris 3, pop up store until June 16th 2019.
– The Next Door, concept store, Paris 10,
– La Garconnière – Paris, Bordeaux
– Voyage Bicycle Store – Basel

7. Special requests, corporate sales program

Special request:

We are always happy to discuss any special request or project you may have! So please don’t hesitate to email us at

Corporate sales program:

If you want Jitensha for your employees to commute to work and to promote a healthy, softer and cleaner transportation mode, we will be happy to assist you in developing your personal fleet of Jitensha bicycles.

8. Contact/After Sales

How can I reach Jitensha? Please email us at and we will answer you within 24 to 48 hours.

After sales

All JITENSHA bicycles have a 2 year warranty.

How does JITENSHA manage after sales?

Our Japanese influence, creates a very high standard for service. We pride ourselves in delivering best of class customer service and after sales.

If you have an issue with one of the parts of your JITENSHA, we are able to send you any part vey rapidly.

We have all the parts available in our workshops in France and Switzerland

We have a partnership with a transport company, that has branches over Europe, thus enabling us to manage efficiently all the part flows when needed.


What is the warranty on the motor?

E-JITENSHA motor and battery have a 2 year warranty. The battery also has a 30,000km and 1000 charge cycles warranty.

What happens if I have an issue with my motor?

If you face an issue with your motor, we are able to run a remote diagnostic via your app and motor.

We are able to solve most problems remotly thanks to this.

If the issue is mechanical, then we will organise at our cost (during the warranty period), the return shipment (and packing if needed) to our workshop for a repair.

Once repaired, we will ship back to your home address at our cost as well.

We always do our best to have your repaired motor / wheel back for you to use in less than 2 weeks.

How long is the battery life? And can it be replaced?

The expected battery life is 3 to 5 years. We can replace the battery in our workshop.

If it is out of warranty, the cost of a new battery is 450€ including the work to replace it. It can not be replaced by our customers directly.

9. Maintenance and Repair

Your Jitensha requires minimal maintenance. Apart from inflating your tires, greasing your chain when needed, you should not worry much about maintenance. We recommend you keep your Jitensha in a dry place as much as you can. Give it a little shine with a soft cloth as often as you like. J

If you need a more serious maintenance or repair, we are slowly building a network of preferred partners. Please contact us at and we will let you know if we have a partner in your area.

10. Privacy

We are committed to comply with law relating to data protection specifically when receiving and using personal data. We will use your personal data exclusively to carry out your order and for internal usage. Personal data will not be disclosed to any third party, unless ordered by law or to prevent fraud. You have a right to questions, access, modify, oppose the data to the personal information you have submitted to complete your agreement with us. Accepting our terms and conditions, you agree that we use this data for the execution of this sales contract. By entering your email address on our site, you will receive emails with information, offers, news regarding our Brand and its universe. You can un-subscribe at any time by clicking on the link within the newsletter.


Every JITENSHA is hand-assembled and tested with care in our workshop once your order is placed.


JITENSHA arrives 90% assembled. 4 standard tools, 6 simple steps and 10 minutes to hit the road. More about assembly


Each new bicycle is guaranteed against any material and manufacturing defects for 2 years. Our bicycles are ISO Certified for the highest quality and safety standards. More about quality


7/7 personalized service and customer care
FR: + 33 6 79 60 34 88/CH: + 41 78 636 5455
or by mail :


Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal accepted. Certified payment PCI level1. More about payment


Delivery in less than 14 days guaranteed.
Free express and tracked shipping in France and Switzerland (including insurance for E-JITENSHA).
From 30€ to 130€ for Europe (according to destination, except Islands). 20€ extra for a E-JITENSHA (including insurance). More on delivery