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自転車 JITENSHA [jitèncha]: bicycle / vélo

Jitensha is a customisable, incredibly simple, light and reliable bicycle for urban commuters. Jitensha mixes a taste of Tokyo and a Parisian touch.


Countless possibilities let you create your own bicycle style intuitively. Come taste a Concrete-Alu-Moustache-Camel and leave with a Whisky-Black-Blullhorn-Black


Jitensha’s single speed riding experience will change the way you commute and ride a bicycle. Its hassle free, incredibly simple, reliable and low maintenance. They are simply awesome to ride.


For a year, we developed the best design and curated the best performing and quality parts. Every Jitensha is hand-assembled and personally tested in our workshop. All this for a fair and simple pricing (starting at 590€).


Free shipping* to your door on all your Jitensha bicycles for the launch period (until June 7th 2017 - *valid  for France, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland).
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Your Jitensha is made to order in our workshop. After testing, the handlebar,  front wheel and pedals are dis-assembled for shipping. It will take you 10 minutes to easily re-assemble them.
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All Jitensha parts are designed and curated for the best mix of performance, safety, quality and value.  Jitensha bicycles are hand-assembled and tested in our Geneva workshop.
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Personalised service and real people to support you 7 days a week. 2 year product warranty. And more...
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